Wake Forest University School of Law offers degree programs for international lawyers as well as summer study abroad programs, international clinics, and exchange opportunities for our JD candidates.

For International Students and Lawyers:

For over 20 years, the law school has been at the forefront of international legal education by welcoming students from across the globe to join the Wake Forest Law family in a variety of programs: Master of Laws (LL.M.), Scientiae Juridicae Doctorate (SJD), Visiting International Researcher (VIR), Two-Year Juris Doctor (JD) for International Lawyers, and semester-long exchange programs. Wake Forest Law values the discourse and variety of experiences these international students bring to campus.  Celebrating two decades of international programs, the law school continues to offer new ways to meet the needs of the ever-changing legal market in an age of rapid globalization.

 For JD Candidates:

3 resident study abroad programs allow our JD candidates to engage in various topics of comparative and international law:

WFU Law also offers a short course in Nicaragua which is typically offered during winter break.

See what life is like at Wake Forest Law: