Study Abroad Videos

By: International Graduate Programs Office

We are excited to share our brand new videos showcasing our study abroad programs in Venice and Vienna. Each video features a student who studied abroad this past July (summer 2012). One of the most unique parts about our law summer abroad programs is that our classes, led by WFU Law Faculty, are open to non-WFU students. In Venice and Vienna, American JD students are in classes with local European students. In Venice, law students from University of Padua may join the courses. In Vienna, law students from University of Vienna may join. Each class also features guest lecturers from these universities and field trips to local places of interest such as government buildings, court houses, and museums.

Having students from Wake law school, other American law schools, as well as local European universities enriches and diversifies our summer abroad programs to give all those involved the ultimate international experience.

This past summer, the Honorable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg visited both our Venice and Vienna programs. She gave public lectures, spent time with our students, and guest lectured in class. Students and professors alike noted what a memorable experience it was to meet and spend time with Justice Ginsburg. Check out our Facebook for pictures, as well as blog posts from Brett Becker (JD, ’14) and Alex Braverman (JD/MBA, ’15) to read more about her visit.

Stay tuned for another video which will be about all three (London, Venice, Vienna) of our summer abroad programs and why you should apply!

Why Leslie Evans (JD, ’14) chose Venice, Italy:

Why Seth Bullard (JD, ’14) chose Vienna, Austria:

Why Kelly McNeer (Marquette, ’14), a non-WFU law student, chose Venice, Italy:

Greta Maier (University of Vienna) speaks about her time with American JD students and meeting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: