LL.M alumnus Francesco Ferrini hosts John Sanders (JD ’16) in Italian internship over summer

By Richard Schneider, Associate Dean of International Programs

The LL.M program here at Wake Forest Law for scholars with non-U.S. legal training has been in operation now for many years.  We have a large number of wonderful graduates, most of whom have returned to their home countries to pursue careers as lawyers, judges, regulators, and follow other professional pursuits.

As Associate Dean for International Affairs, I am constantly hopeful that our LLM graduates will remain involved in one way or another with Wake Forest University School of Law.  Such involvement can take many forms.  For instance, some of our graduates have helped with recruiting new LL.M students for us in their home countries.  Others have contributed to our endowment so that we can continue to offer a rewarding experience for everyone who studies here.  A third way to remain involved in Wake Forest is to help us offer our American JD students new experiences abroad.

Here’s a wonderful example of the latter contribution.  John Sanders, one of our first-year JD students, last year was looking for a way to have an experience during the summer with the practice of law in Italy.  I contacted one of our first LLM graduates, Francesco Ferrini in Milan, who has a broad general and corporate practice there.  Francesco readily agreed to host John during the summer and allow him to get a feel for his Italian practice.

The commitment started at two weeks but Francesco ended up hosting John for seven weeks in Milan.  John found his own place to live and went to work every day like other lawyers in the city.  Francesco provided John with amazing opportunities.  John has since returned to Winston-Salem, and told me much about his remarkable experience with Francesco.  Not only was John able to watch and learn from Francesco but he also helped Francesco with some research and document preparation.  Moreover, the two of them are authoring a paper together on the subject of crowd funding in Italy.

I cannot thank Francesco enough for the generous commitment he made to John and to the Wake Forest University School of Law.  At the same time, I want to congratulate Francesco and Mariana on the birth of their little girl, Miriam, on Sept. 2!!  We are so happy for you.

In my next blog post, I will recount a similar story of generosity about one of our LLM graduates in Austria.