Milaterdam- Trips to Milan and Amsterdam

By: Kevin Flanigan (JD, ’14)

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

On July 20th, the American members of Professor Joel Newman’sFunding Government Around the World” class were required to meet in Amsterdam at IBFD, an organization specializing in international tax expertise and independent research, as well as at the office of Loyens and Loeff.   On the following Monday, the same students were joined by their Italian brethren in Milan to visit the firm Maisto e Associati.  If there were any students who had by this point failed to be engulfed by the burning desire to explore the depths of VAT and imputed income, their folly was exposed and corrected by these weekend trips.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city known, almost exclusively, for their beautiful canals, delicious pancakes, and high taxes.  Several students expressed elation at being able to wear pants after escaping the heat of Venice, but the good times did not stop there.  From the moment we arrived, the beauty and unique nature of the city were evident.  Exiting the terminal at Schiphol, one is greeted by a sea of tulips colored a vivid orange.  The city center serves to highlight the idiosyncrasies of the famed city as every street is intercut with a canal flowing with serene blue water.  While there are a plethora of museums to visit in Amsterdam, one cannot help but feel that simply walking around the lively city center imbues one with an experience that would be difficult to equal. Continue reading »

Supreme Moments in Austria

By: Brett Becker (JD ’14)

Vacating the traditional wooden chairs, desks, books, and chalkboards, our class went on an excursion this week. Most of us have not had a field trip since the days our mothers packed our lunches for us, but the same excitement we used to feel was present on this day. Our destination was the Austrian Supreme Court and the Palace of Justice.  Our tour guide for the day was one of Austria’s own judges from the criminal division. Austria actually has three independent highest-level courts. Judge Schwab graciously extended his knowledge and cunning sarcasm to provide us with a day of learning and entertainment.

Our morning session with Judge Schwab consisted of