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La Vie en Rose: A Birthday to Remember

By: Emma Maddux (JD, ’13)

Wake Students in Lord Phillips’ Garden

Wake Students in Lord Phillips’ Garden

My plane touched down at Heathrow Airport on a cloudy, drizzly summer’s day. This was far from the toasty June weather that any North Carolinian expects from the rest of the world and I suddenly realized that this must have been what Dickens was considering when he wrote Bleak House. Yet, when I arrived at Worrell, the house was not bleak at all; it was, in fact, cozy and inviting. I quickly discovered the lush rose garden in the backyard and the running trails on rolling hills in Regent’s Park. Although I was in London to read books for my Law and Literature class, I was actually a living character in my own story: a different plot with the same setting. Perhaps, when I view my experience this way, the following could be considered a mere chapter in the chronicle of my London trip.

June 6, 2011 was my 23rd birthday and I spent it in London. The 23rd was a pretty special Monday; other than being my birthday, we had two adventures planned. Continue reading »

My Trip to Vienna: A Sampling of Tortes

Café Central torte and Café Central coffee inside the elegant Café Central

By: Martha Goss (JD, ’13)

As soon as I heard about Wake’s study abroad destinations, I knew which city I would choose: Vienna.  My well-travelled grandmother always named Vienna as her favorite city in the world so it had been a goal of mine to visit for years.  The city’s rich history and culture, as well as the opportunity to take classes alongside Viennese law students, appealed to me.  Another plus is that nearly everyone in Vienna can speak English.  In preparation for living in Vienna, I read several guidebooks, researched the city online, and watched shows on the Travel Channel.  I noticed a common statement reappearing in the travel guides: Vienna is known for its “coffeehouse culture,” which means great coffee & desserts, especially tortes!

Every Viennese café I visited offered a signature dessert and usually a signature coffee drink.  I sampled the Café Central torte and Café Central coffee inside the elegant Café Central (shown in photos), the Mozart torte and Mozart coffee on the patio at Café Mozart, and Landtmann’s feine torte and The Landtmann coffee in the glass sunroom at Café Landtmann.  Notice a pattern here?  While the names given to specialties at the various cafes reveals a consistent naming model, each coffee shop has cultivated a distinct atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying Vienna.

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Welcome to the Wake Forest University School of Law International Programs blog! (Boy, that’s a mouthful.)

Ayman and Joel with Demon Deacon statueWFU offers several international graduate programs: the Master of Laws (LL.M.) in American Law Program, the S.J.D. Program, the Visiting International Researcher/Student Program, and summer study abroad programs in London, Vienna, and Venice.  Hundreds of students have participated in these programs over the years.  To keep all of our alumni connected to each other and abreast of new developments in our programs, we decided to create an International Programs blog that we hope will mostly be fueled by contributions from alumni on various topics.
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