Finding Internships in the US After Earning an LL.M.

In these tough times, when competition among graduates is more severe than ever, getting an internship is particularly difficult and particularlyLL.M student in Washington DC street with Capital Building in background important. It concerns international graduates to an even greater degree. Indeed, to be a non-American professional with a non-American background means to be in a much weaker position in comparison with local graduates.

Many 2011 graduates had a hard time securing an internship in the US this year. It was not an easy task for me as well. However, I sent out a number of resumes and eventually succeeded in getting a very interesting summer internship position at an IP law firm in Washington D.C. that I chose from several offers. My substantial legal experience and high GPA were helpful. Also, the firm hired a couple of Muskie fellows as interns before and the partners feel certain of Muskies’ proficiency.  So I was admitted just after an interview.

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