My summer studying English

By: Shuai Shao (LL.M. Candidate, ’12)

Shuai Shao and other ELSE students at the Winston Salem Dash baseball game

I am a girl from Beijing, the capital city of China. I graduated from Beijing University of Technology recently and then decided to come to Wake Forest Law School to further my knowledge in the international business area. The reason why I chose Wake Forest is that it has a good reputation around the states, a high professor-student ratio, as well as the warm and peaceful environment. The staff and professors are so nice and considerate because they offer our international law school students and lawyers a chance to improve social and academic English before semester starts through the English Language Skills Enhancement (ELSE)  program. This class helps us adjust to American law school easily. Though I had outstanding English level in my home country and got high ranking in my undergraduate university, I was still eager to attend this program. The reason why I chose to attend this program is because I felt the need to improve my social English in order to survive in a foreign country. Furthermore, it was important for me to know basic academic legal English before I began my law school studies here. Fortunately, after the six weeks class, it has proven to be a wise decision!

The intensive six-week ELSE program helped me a lot not only with my daily use of English but also in academic English. Moreover, I know many friends and many places at Wake Forest as well as Winston Salem. I know this is a good sign that I can start a wonderful year here!

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