Meet Kreshnik, an LL.M. student from Kosovo

Wake Forest University School of Law LLMKreshnik Radoniqi, a current LL.M. student, has come to Wake Forest as one of the first Justice Abroad Scholars sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Pristina and the U.S. Department of Justice.   His most recent position was a Legal Advisor for the European Union Law (EULEX) Mission to Kosovo and was based in the District Court of Peja. He worked exclusively on serious criminal cases, specifically murder, organized crime, and war crimes. He recently completed the training program for judges and prosecutors at the Kosovo Judicial Institute and was appointed as a judge. Kreshnik will graduate in May of 2013.

Where is home? What is it famous for?

I am from a small city called Peja in Western Kosovo. Its location is on the edge of the scenic – panoramic view of the beautiful “Rugova” Mountains also known as “The Damned Mountains”. Historically the name of the city changed; during the roman time it was called Pescium and Siparantum, and in Greek Episkion. During the Ottoman Empire the name changed to Ipek, because of the silk production at that time.In Slavonic the name is Pec. It was named because of many caves in the surrounding mountains.

Because of the mountains surrounding, the city of Peja is mostly known for hiking, skiing and resting areas in the Rugova Mountains. It is also know for one of the best and biggest brewery in the region called “Birra Peja”, which means Peja Beer.

Have you been to the US before?

I have never been to US before. This is my first time to live in the US.

What are the most notable differences between home and Winston-Salem, NC?

 First of all in my hometown everything is of a walking distance, no need to use cars for everything. Then the weather is quite different. I am used to cold and snowy winter, and hot arid summer. Otherwise, the common thing between my town and Winston Salem is the beautiful green nature. Continue reading »