Nicaragua 2013

Nicaragua 2013: A Student’s Perspective

By: Joseph Motto (Nicaragua Participant, ’13 & JD, ’14)

Joseph Motto “volcano surfing” at an active volcano known as Cerro Negro

Joseph Motto “volcano surfing” at an active volcano known as Cerro Negro

Cross Disciplinary Professional Development, Wake Forest Law School’s short-term study abroad program, provides adventurous students an opportunity to spend their winter break traveling in Nicaragua.  The course takes place in three of Nicaragua’s largest cities: Managua, Leon, and Granada.

The focus of the class is to provide legal assistance to Nicaraguan producers and small business owners who wish to export their products to the United States.  Our group provided such assistance at Managua’s “Center for Exports and Investments.”  At the Center, Professor Steven Virgil gave a presentation on the laws that govern food and beverage exports to the U.S., such as FDA and USDA regulations.  The producers and business owners in attendance also had the opportunity to meet with members of our group individually to voice their specific questions about exporting to the U.S.  For example, I had the chance to speak with the owner of Vinos San Jacinto, a passion fruit wine producer, who asked to be advised on U.S. labeling requirements and FDA regulations that would govern her product.  Having returned to the U.S., Professor Virgil is helping our group research the relevant law and prepare memos answering the owners’ specific concerns.  These memos will be returned to the owners so that they can place their products in the U.S. market. Continue reading »