Summer Abroad Bloggers: 2013

By: International Programs Office 

The London program has begun! The Venice and Vienna programs will begin in just a few short weeks. Last summer, we introduced a new part of our blog: Summer Abroad Bloggers. We hope you enjoyed their entries and photos from abroad as much as we did.

We are excited to announce three new Summer Abroad Bloggers who will be writing about their experiences from Europe.

    Writing from London…                Writing from Venice…                    Writing from Vienna…        

Ashley Waring, JD, '14

Ashley Waring, JD, ’14

Elizabeth Binion, JD, '15

Elizabeth Binion, JD, ’15

Al Suarez, JD, '15

Al Suarez, JD, ’15

Each student will be writing blog entries about once a week during their program (London will take place May-June, and both Venice and Vienna will take place in July). We hope you enjoy reading about their study abroad journeys and viewing pictures from across the pond!

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Study Abroad Videos

By: International Graduate Programs Office

We are excited to share our brand new videos showcasing our study abroad programs in Venice and Vienna. Each video features a student who studied abroad this past July (summer 2012). One of the most unique parts about our law summer abroad programs is that our classes, led by WFU Law Faculty, are open to non-WFU students. In Venice and Vienna, American JD students are in classes with local European students. In Venice, law students from University of Padua may join the courses. In Vienna, law students from University of Vienna may join. Each class also features guest lecturers from these universities and field trips to local places of interest such as government buildings, court houses, and museums.

Having students from Wake law school, other American law schools, as well as local European universities enriches and diversifies our summer abroad programs to give all those involved the ultimate international experience.

This past summer, the Honorable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg visited both our Venice and Vienna programs. She gave public lectures, spent time with our students, and guest lectured in class. Students and professors alike noted what a memorable experience it was to meet and spend time with Justice Ginsburg. Check out our Facebook for pictures, as well as blog posts from Brett Becker (JD, ’14) and Alex Braverman (JD/MBA, ’15) to read more about her visit.

Stay tuned for another video which will be about all three (London, Venice, Vienna) of our summer abroad programs and why you should apply!

Why Leslie Evans (JD, ’14) chose Venice, Italy:

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By: Alexandra Braverman (JD/MBA, ’15)

Water taxi in front of Casa ArtomAs we sailed away from Casa Artom on the morning of July 27th, we sat silently in the water taxi, gazing for the last time upon sparkling blue canals, historic churches, and colorful buildings winding around scattered bridges.  Amidst the sea spray splashing up slightly over the edges of the boat, we reminisced about all the things we would miss.

Macaroons and raisin buns at bakeryWe will miss waking up in the morning to stone floors ending in our own little picturesque portion of the Grand Canal.  Casa Artom made us all feel like we were home in a country half the world away from where home really was.  There was something special about having an address that made us forget we were ever tourists.  Holding a house key even gave us the confidence to brush off over-bearing gondoliers as if we were truly locals. Continue reading »

Milaterdam- Trips to Milan and Amsterdam

By: Kevin Flanigan (JD, ’14)

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

On July 20th, the American members of Professor Joel Newman’sFunding Government Around the World” class were required to meet in Amsterdam at IBFD, an organization specializing in international tax expertise and independent research, as well as at the office of Loyens and Loeff.   On the following Monday, the same students were joined by their Italian brethren in Milan to visit the firm Maisto e Associati.  If there were any students who had by this point failed to be engulfed by the burning desire to explore the depths of VAT and imputed income, their folly was exposed and corrected by these weekend trips.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city known, almost exclusively, for their beautiful canals, delicious pancakes, and high taxes.  Several students expressed elation at being able to wear pants after escaping the heat of Venice, but the good times did not stop there.  From the moment we arrived, the beauty and unique nature of the city were evident.  Exiting the terminal at Schiphol, one is greeted by a sea of tulips colored a vivid orange.  The city center serves to highlight the idiosyncrasies of the famed city as every street is intercut with a canal flowing with serene blue water.  While there are a plethora of museums to visit in Amsterdam, one cannot help but feel that simply walking around the lively city center imbues one with an experience that would be difficult to equal. Continue reading »

Dinner with Justice, A Convenient Train Ride, and A Sky Full of Lights

By: Alexandra Braverman (JD/MBA, ’15)

This week’s blog post is about Venice.  More specifically, it’s about the incandescent highlights of the past week that will forever remain in our minds as a series of unfathomable experiences in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Study abroad students pose with US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Our week began with a visit by United States Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in the midst of the ongoing heat wave.  We had hoped the sun would show some respect in lieu of her arrival, but no such luck. The week’s itinerary featured Justice Ginsburg teaching two of our regularly scheduled classes, giving a public lecture at the Instituto de Veneto, and having dinner with the law students at Casa Artom.  It’s hard to explain the true gravity of her arrival, but I think I speak for everyone when I say it was an absolute privilege.  Justice Ginsburg is a clever, comical woman who it seemed would choose to sit and answer our questions until dark, had time permitted.  She was careful and thoughtful with every word, yet she managed to exude a benevolent energy that revealed what life could be like if someday we too love our jobs.  The various lectures featured personal life at the Supreme Court, the Court’s upcoming cases for next term, and the running joke-tally among the Justices (P.S. apparently Scalia is winning.)  Her departure came all too quickly and brought with it a slew of Facebook posts by the law students, which were justified only by the natural bragging rights granted after spending an entire week in Venice with Justice Ginsburg.

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Interview with Study Abroad Participant and Lecture from Justice Ginsburg

WFU Film Studies student Chris Zaluski is creating a series of videos about WFU’s Summer Study Abroad Programs in London, Venice, and Vienna. 

Check out the first video at in which Leslie Evans (JD ’14) explains why she decided to study abroad in Venice. 

Also, you can listen to U.S. Supreme Court Justice’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s lecture entitled, “A Decent Respect to the Opinion of [Human]kind: the Value of a Comparative Perspective in Constitutional Adjudication,” which she gave on Wednesday evening, July 11, at the Palazzo Cavalli in Venice.

My First Week in Venice

By Alexandra Braverman (JD/MBA, ’15)

The view from Casa ArtomThe view from Casa Artom is, in my opinion, one of the most serene views I have ever seen.  It helps that our beloved student residence is situated on the Grand Canal in Venice, the perfect location for all of us eager, sight-seeking Wake Forest students.  Our experience of Venice so far has been that it’s undeniably a city of wonders.  The food is generally thought of (even by the proudest Italians) to be a classic rendition of Italian cuisine influenced by the freshest daily ingredients. Our daily meals consist of – you guessed it – pizza, pasta, wine, gelato, and the very occasional spinach salad.  Although to be fair, salads are only spotted when we remember how many more years we have left to live.  If the food wasn’t extraordinary enough, the buildings possess a grandiosity all their own.  Each tower, bridge, square, and canal emanates a history that our fellow Italian students simply refer to as “Venetian.”  I can safely say that Venice is the kind of place that has for me forever ruined an ordinary life.

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Introducing: Summer Abroad Bloggers

We are excited to announce that three WFU Law students who are participating in one of our summer abroad programs will be documenting their experience on our very own blog. We have one student blogger for each of our programs in London, Venice and Vienna. All three students have finished their first year of law school at WFU School of Law, and will be incoming second year students this fall.

     Writing from London…                 Writing from Venice…                Writing from Vienna…         

Meredith Hearn, JD '14

Alex Braverman, JD '14

Brett Becker, JD '14


Each student will be writing blog entries about once a week during their program (London will take place May-June, and both Venice and Vienna will take place in July). We hope you enjoy reading about their study abroad journeys and viewing pictures from across the pond!

-International Graduate Programs Office

Want to meet US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg???

As in years past, US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be guest lecturing for one week each in Wake Forest University SchoolUS Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of Law’s Summer Study Abroad Programs in Vienna and Venice.  This provides students with the exceptional opportunity to meet and learn from Justice Ginsburg!

Ginsburg  was appointed by President Bill Clinton and took the oath of office in 1993, becoming the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court.  For more information about Justice Ginsburg’s fascinating life and career, check out the websites below:

We are still accepting applications to Wake Forest University School of Law’s Summer Study Abroad programs in London, Vienna, and Venice.  Check out the below article about the programs for more information:

My European Summer in London and Venice

By: Emily Nahan-Krokti

Emily and other WFU Law students in Venice

I know everyone says this, but I really could not wait for my 1L year to be over. Yes, that year is stressful for everyone but the end of my IL year marked the beginning of my European summer in London and Venice.

The beauty of England was immediately evident to me. Upon my arrival, as I was taxying from the Luton airport to the Worrell House, I was surrounded by such stereotypically beautiful English hillsides, I half expected to see Mr. Darcy on horseback cantering alongside my taxi. This feeling of surreal beauty continued all month. The Worrell house is in a swanky neighborhood; proof of this is that its neighbors are Jude Law, Helena Bonham Carter, and Tim Burton, for those celebrity stalkers. The house itself is spacious but cozy with a gorgeous English garden. I had high hopes of travelling every weekend while abroad but I quickly realized that was not necessary when in London. You could spend years in London and still find new things to do. There is great theatre, world famous museums, parks, clubs, and, contrary to old standards, fantastic food. Although all of the wake students were on a bit of a budget, we were still able to enjoy the city. I managed to see Wicked at a discounted last minute rate, catch a play at the Globe for next to nothing, and eat fantastic Indian and Thai food, the new “local” London cuisine. Continue reading »