End of class, exploring Vienna, and a post-class Europe trip

By: Al Suarez (JD, ’15)

Day 22:

No class. Exploring Vienna. After our adventure to Budapest it was great to have a long weekend to hang out and to finally begin to really explore Vienna. Because we have been traveling every weekend and because our time in Vienna has been preoccupied with class and exploring touristy type of things, we have had very little time to really get the full Vienna experience. Today we decided to sleep in and relax and then continue our Viennese coffee house tour at Café Hawelka. My favorite so far. Very small and quaint. Delicious espresso. Best strudel I have had yet. After coffee we wandered a bit and did a bit of shopping and ended up hanging and reading down by the canal. I checked out some of the street art that covers almost everything in the “younger more artsy” area that we live in. It is fascinating– almost every square inch along the canal is covered in elaborate graffiti, yet in all my time in the first district, I have not seen any graffiti at all. Really cool idea in my opinion. By legalizing (or at least refusing to punish) street art in certain areas it allows for expression and a sense of rebellion that not only benefits the other parts of the city, but also creates a very interesting culture and identity. Then off to yoga and to bed early to continue recouping and preparing for our post class trip.

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Lord Phillips in Vienna, Budapest, and a Viennese coffee shop tour

By: Al Suarez (JD, ’15)

Crazy to think it has already been three weeks into our European adventure and we only have one more week of class…This week was an especially adventure filled week.

Below is a gallery of photos from our third week in Vienna with Lord Phillips and our class trip to Budapest: scroll through to view captions! Additionally, view more photo highlights from Vienna.   Continue reading »

Vienna Week Two: MuseumQuartier, Vienna Bar, “Beach”, Zurich

By: Al Suarez, (JD, ’15) 

Welcome back for the second week of the official blog of Wake Forest Law Study Abroad Vienna 2013. Another really busy and amazing week…

Below is a gallery of photos from our second week in Vienna and my weekend trip to Zurich, Switzerland: scroll through to view captions! Additionally, view more photo highlights from ViennaContinue reading »

Welcome to the Vienna Blog of Summer 2013!

By: Al Suarez, (JD, ’15) 

Welcome to the official blog of Wake Forest Law Study Abroad Vienna 2013. In order to give you the true vibe of the experience in Wien I decided to write our blog in a bit more of the traditional journal/blog format. I will try not to overload you with pictures or useless details but if I do… It’s our blog so you will just have to deal with it. Enjoy.

Below is a gallery of photos from our days so far: scroll through to view captions! Additionally, view more photo highlights from Vienna.
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Summer Abroad Bloggers: 2013

By: International Programs Office 

The London program has begun! The Venice and Vienna programs will begin in just a few short weeks. Last summer, we introduced a new part of our blog: Summer Abroad Bloggers. We hope you enjoyed their entries and photos from abroad as much as we did.

We are excited to announce three new Summer Abroad Bloggers who will be writing about their experiences from Europe.

    Writing from London…                Writing from Venice…                    Writing from Vienna…        

Ashley Waring, JD, '14

Ashley Waring, JD, ’14

Elizabeth Binion, JD, '15

Elizabeth Binion, JD, ’15

Al Suarez, JD, '15

Al Suarez, JD, ’15

Each student will be writing blog entries about once a week during their program (London will take place May-June, and both Venice and Vienna will take place in July). We hope you enjoy reading about their study abroad journeys and viewing pictures from across the pond!

Be sure to follow our Study Abroad Facebook page to get updates on when each new blog entry is posted! Like us here.


Study Abroad Videos

By: International Graduate Programs Office

We are excited to share our brand new videos showcasing our study abroad programs in Venice and Vienna. Each video features a student who studied abroad this past July (summer 2012). One of the most unique parts about our law summer abroad programs is that our classes, led by WFU Law Faculty, are open to non-WFU students. In Venice and Vienna, American JD students are in classes with local European students. In Venice, law students from University of Padua may join the courses. In Vienna, law students from University of Vienna may join. Each class also features guest lecturers from these universities and field trips to local places of interest such as government buildings, court houses, and museums.

Having students from Wake law school, other American law schools, as well as local European universities enriches and diversifies our summer abroad programs to give all those involved the ultimate international experience.

This past summer, the Honorable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg visited both our Venice and Vienna programs. She gave public lectures, spent time with our students, and guest lectured in class. Students and professors alike noted what a memorable experience it was to meet and spend time with Justice Ginsburg. Check out our Facebook for pictures, as well as blog posts from Brett Becker (JD, ’14) and Alex Braverman (JD/MBA, ’15) to read more about her visit.

Stay tuned for another video which will be about all three (London, Venice, Vienna) of our summer abroad programs and why you should apply!

Why Leslie Evans (JD, ’14) chose Venice, Italy:

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Final Excursions

By: Brett Becker (JD, ’14)

Cup of Weiner Melange from the famous Landtmann Cafe

Everyone’s initial reaction as we began class on Monday was the same. How did the last week of the program come so quick? Time always flies when you are having fun, but this was three weeks that had flown by.  After classes during the course of the final week, everyone was ensuring they visited those last museums or monuments on their list.  As we went out together for meals, everyone made sure to take in every moment of the last Weiner Melange (coffee) or Schnitzel each would enjoy in Vienna. Four weeks had certainly been enough to enjoy Vienna, but another week would not have been a bad thing.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed our last excursion, which was an experience hard to forget. We visited the Mauthausen concentration camp, which housed working prisoners during the Nazi regime and WWII era. Everyone learns about the atrocities in school, but something that can’t be taught is found when actually at one of these camps. It would be an anomaly to come to a camp where such a part of history occurred and not receive the feeling that reached down deep in all our hearts and consciences that day. Surely it was different for each of us there, but some emotional revelation in each person was clearly evident. Continue reading »

Vacation for the Honorable, and an Honor for Us

By: Brett Becker (JD, ’14)

Grapes were cleaned, wine was poured, crackers and cheese were assembled and the place looked elegant at Wake Forest University’s Flow House in the First District of Vienna. We had prepared a delightful feast for our guests soon to arrive. First came the Dean of the Law School Blake Morant and his wife, and then came Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The welcome reception proved successful as the Supreme Court Justice took little time to acquaint herself with her students for the week. The bulk of the evening consisted of eager minds gathered around their famed guest taking in stories and asking pressing questions. Justice Ginsburg not only welcomed questions, but also responded with showmanship and clarity. She provided stories and insight that captivated both American and Austrian students the entire evening.

Professor Schneider and Professor Marsh introduce Justice Ginsburg at the Flow House

For two days of class, Justice Ginsburg reverted to her earlier profession of law professor and took to molding the clay of young legal minds. She gave insight into Supreme Court procedures, oral arguments, and the recent high profile decisions of the last term. The details left out of newspapers and the evening news over the last few months were provided by our first-hand source. It was clear to everyone in the room that Justice Ginsburg loved being back in a classroom and enjoyed engaging with law students. Continue reading »

Supreme Moments in Austria